Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Giving Up?

My path is long and at times I am weary.

The question I am left with now is, "would giving up now be the solution to my problem."

Lately I've been having problems with my remembering things. From my car accident I nursed head injury. Thw damages that I have to my brain now is that I have short term memory loss, among others neurological damages.

What motivates me in life is the thought that I do not live for myself. I live for others. It is said that there are people out there who are in need of help. The help that those people need is someone or something that will give them the strength to carry on in life. They will carry on with there surmountable problems. However, how will these people find this motivation? I believe that I am here to give them the strength. This will be done through them seeing me persisting and carrying on even though I face surmountable challenges.

Now however I am left with the thought of giving up!

I am aware that their are people out there who face more difficult problems than I do. Therefore, I should not even think of giving up. If I were to give up it wouldn't be because of my difficulties. It would be because I want to give up. If there are people other than me who face more severe challenges than I do, WHY DO I THINK OF GIVING UP? AM I THAT IGNORANT?

Me being alive tomorrow will determine that. Me being dead because of committing suicide will determine that...

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