Monday, January 18, 2016

How I did it?

First and formost I must admit that I have not been completely clear on how I overcome my difficulties each day presents and what caused me to be physically disabled today...

The day I was coming back from primary school I was completely torn apart. I was doing grade 4 at the time. I was torn apart because those close to me began to distance themselves from me. My friends. They began to distance themselves from me because of my new physical state. Eventually this lead me to thinking of running away from home and the ones who loved me the most, my grandmother and mother. This thought made me weap tears of pain. At the same time however a spark of hope was shinning deap down in my heart. I thought if I am to run away from home will the ones who reject me feel the most pain, no. My grandmother who told me not to go to church on the day I was involved in a car accident would be under immense pain.

Honestly speaking I am physically disabled today because of rebellion. I did not listen to my grandmother on the morning she said, "Ziggy do not go to church today. At the time my grandmother told me this I did not appreciate the fact that maybe she knows something bad will happen to me on that day coz you never know.

"A man maybe taller than his father, but will never be wiser than him."

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